Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

When You Should Never Drive Your Car, Even If It's Running

by Jessie Ruiz

Being able to turn on your car and put it in drive doesn't mean that it's safe to be on the road. There are certain repair jobs that make a car dangerous to drive, and in some cases this can lead to it needing more extensive repairs. Calling a tow truck to have your car taken to a repair shop can mean keeping you and other drivers safe and not doing further damage to your car. Note a few times when you should never drive, even if your car is running.

1. When a tire is flat

When a tire is flat, the brake pads or shoes have nothing to grip when you need to stop your car. You may notice that your car simply skids or slides when you try to apply the brakes to a flat tire. This can put you and other drivers in danger.

A flat tire is also dangerous to your car. The air in the tires cushions your car against impact when you hit a bump or pothole, and when a tire is flat, you may bend a rim or even break your car's axle. These are very expensive repair jobs, which is why it's best to have your car towed or call a tow truck to put on your spare for you if you don't know how to do this.

2. When your brakes seem soft

If your brakes are soft, meaning they don't grip the tires as they should, it's a mistake to drive your car even a short distance. This can be a sign that you have a leak in the brake lines, and your car's brake fluid can drain out completely while on the road. In turn, you may not be able to brake at all. Soft brakes also don't allow you a sudden stop when on the road, and this is dangerous for you and for other drivers. If you have problems with the brakes, even if they work slightly, have your car towed to a repair shop just to be safe.

3. If you smell something sweet from the front of the car

A sweet smell usually means that you have a leak in the coolant lines of your car's engine. Coolant smells sweet, but it should always be contained in those lines so you don't smell it. Driving your car when you notice this smell can mean the coolant might drip out completely and your engine could easily overheat. This too can be a very expensive repair bill, so have your car towed instead.

If you need tilt tray recovery or towing services, make sure to call a professional in your area. 


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Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

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