Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

How Do Modern Air Filters and Intakes Improve Fuel Economy?

by Jessie Ruiz

If you own a fleet of trucks, or even a single truck, you must be aware of how much the cost of fuel eats into your profit margin. This article discusses how modern air filters and intakes can help you to reduce how much you spend on fueling your truck.

Thorough Filtering Of Incoming Air

When air is getting into your truck engine, it comes with all sorts of contaminants such as dust. The air filter is supposed to remove such contaminants so that only clean air gets into the engine. The latest versions of these filters are made from sheets of surgical cotton that is impregnated with oil. The fact that there are no holes in these filters means that the chance that contaminants will get through is highly minimized. The oil in the cotton layers traps even more contaminants like dust particles so the air getting into your engine will be much cleaner than the air from an old design filter. Cleaner air means there will be better combustion so less fuel will be used to move your truck and its payload.

Reduced Air Turbulence

Intake air is normally turbulent (unstable) due to the force of the moving truck driving it in at high pressure. Such air does not burn completely because the action of pistons on it is not uniform. The cotton, hole-less air filters ensure that air getting into engine chambers is free from turbulence since the cotton layers "calm" the air before letting it through to the engine. Such air will burn more completely in the engine and more power will result from burning less fuel. That is how you can get more kilometres from each litre in your fuel tank.

Larger Intakes

Breathing through a straw is harder than breathing when there is no barrier in front of your nose. When air intake channels of truck engines are narrow, it has the same effect as breathing through a straw as you run a marathon. Recent air filters innovations require technicians to widen the intake so that more air gets to the engine. That unencumbered flow of air results in better fuel combustion and therefore lower fuel costs.

As the discussion above shows, your trucks will use less fuel if you buy modern truck parts (such as the filters described above). Keep upgrading the parts on your trucks so that you benefit from the latest technologies that manufacturers of truck parts have developed.


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Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

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