Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

How You May Be Damaging Your Car by Trying to Save Money

by Jessie Ruiz

You may fully understand that the vehicle you're driving around represents a significant investment for you. For most people, this is the second largest purchase after their home. Yet are you really looking after this investment properly? What are some of the things that you could be doing, that may be shortening the life of your vehicle for no real reason?

Warming up First

In a busy world, many people cannot wait to get to their next appointment and frequently jump into their car with this sense of impatience. They start the vehicle up from cold, put it into first gear and drive off immediately. This does not allow the oil in the car's engine to warm up properly, so that it can do its primary job which is to lubricate the moving parts. In this case, those moving parts are more likely to experience additional friction, which will wear them out over time. Even in the latest cars, it's a good idea to wait a couple of minutes before engaging.

Saving Pennies

Think about the oil that you put into the engine as well. You may see oil on the shelf in your auto-parts store with different and sometimes confusing labelling. You may think that it's basically "all the same." But different types of oil have varying levels of viscosity and should be paired with your vehicle according to manufacturer recommendations. Your car mechanic at your friendly repair shop will always put in the correct type of oil; shouldn't you?

Wearing out the Transmission

If you're worried about some noises coming of your transmission, could it be that you're not paying attention to a simple issue? Could it be that you are guilty of switching from forward into reverse and vice versa before the vehicle has fully come to a halt? Once again, this is something that many people do as they rush to get from one place to another. It can exert tremendous strain on your transmission, which can convert into costs down the road.

When Water Is Not Your Friend

Are you trying to cut corners by filling up the radiator with water instead of proper coolant? Certainly, readily available water is a lot cheaper than buying coolant at the store, but it's recommended by the manufacturer for a reason. Water without coolant can quickly reach boiling point in hot, summer conditions which could lead to radiator failure. In the winter, the same coolant will prevent the water from freezing and expanding, which could cause even more damage to your car's engine.

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Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

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