Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Turn Tyres to Toys for Tykes

by Jessie Ruiz

Have some old tyres?  Want to turn them into toys for your kids? There are many ways you can repurpose old tyres into toys, and a tyre swing is just the start. Optimise the fun in your backyard with these five ideas:

1.Shady Sandy Zone

Turn a tyre into a personal sandbox for your little one by lining a tyre with sheets of polyurethane and filling it with sand. Then, plant a sun umbrella in the middle. If you like, paint the tyre to coordinate with the umbrella. 

2. See-Saw

Let your kid practise their balance by making a see-saw out of a tyre. Cut the tyre in half through its diameter, and then cut a piece of timber so it's slightly wider than the diameter of the tyre and the same width of the tyre. Attach the board with screws oriented at an angle through both the timber and the tyre. If you want to use it as a see-saw, attach drawer pulls at each end for the riders to use as handles. Alternatively, for solo play, leave off the handles and let your little one ride it like a surfboard. 

3.  Jungle Gym

If you have a bunch of tyres, make a climbing frame for your kids by stacking them together. To hold them together, you are going to need an industrial strength adhesive. Start by setting a layer of tyres on the ground. Then, build up walls using more tyres. You can make a simple box shape or slant the tyres to make an octagonal shaped frame. 

4. Crawling Path

Encourage your kids to climb or support their parkour passion with a crawling path. Plant a row of tyres upright on the ground. Then, place a piece of timber running through the tyres. You kids can crawl through the tyres on the board. 

Diversify your course by hanging tyres from trees, making enclosed tunnels with rows of tyres or creating running challenges by setting tyres flat on the ground.

5. Trampoline

With a few springs and an old bit of trampoline tarp, you can turn an old tyre into a mini trampoline. Order a pack of trampoline springs, drill holes into the sides of the tyre and slip the hook end of the srings through the tyre. Finally, cut a patch of trampoline tarp so that it fits perfectly into the space between the edge of the springs and the center of the tyre. Finally, connect the tarp to the springs. Make multiple mini trampolines to create a leap frog zone. 


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Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

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