Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Five Essentials You Need to Take a Dog in a Hire Car

by Jessie Ruiz

If you are looking for a car for rent in any part of Australia and you plan to take your dog along for the ride, you may need a few accessories to make the process go smoothly. Wondering what to consider? Take a look at these essentials:

1. Permission

Before taking your dog into a hire car, talk with the hire company and make sure that it allows pets. Some companies welcome pets with open arms, while others charge a pet fee or don't allow pets at all. To ensure you don't break any part of your contract with the hire company, get permission before travelling with your dog.

2. Crate or restraint

Whether you are in a hire car or your own car, it isn't safe to have your dog roaming through the car. If you had to hit the brakes quickly, the dog could fly forward, hitting you or the windshield. To make the ride safer for you, your dog and the hire car, bring your dog's crate or invest in a restraint for him

3. Collapsible bowl

In case your dog gets thirsty on the road, make sure that you bring a collapsible bowl. Many dog experts recommend bringing water from home as that your dog doesn't have to drink strange water that he isn't acclimated to. Drinking unusual water could make your dog ill in the rental car, potentially leaving stains or smells in the car's upholstery.

4. Tape or lint remover

Most rental companies charge a cleaning fee if you don't return the car in the same state you received it in. To ensure you don't' receive a cleaning fee related to dog hair, pack a lint remover, and run it over the upholstery, floors and the backs of the seats before returning the car.

In lieu of a lint remover, you can buy some tape, wrap it around your hand and use that to pick up the hair in the car. If you cannot find tape or a lint remover, some car washes have vacuums you can use. Alternatively, check out what the cleaning fee is before you take the car -- if you find it affordable, paying the fee may be easier and less time consuming than cleaning the car on your own.

5. Sheet of plastic or polyurethane

If your dog isn't potty trained yet or if he is prone to accidents, you may want to bring a sheet of waterproof plastic or polyethylene. You can find this at most hardware stores, or in a pinch, you can make your own sheet with a heavy duty rubbish bag. Lay the sheet on the seat under your dog's crate or where he is harnessed in. To make it comfortable, throw a towel or fabric sheet on top of it.


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Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

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