Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Why Your Safety Is At Risk If You Fail To Have Your Car Repaired After A Collision

by Jessie Ruiz

If your car has been in a collision, you may assume that you can ignore certain repairs that need to be done and just drive with a few minor dents and dings. In truth, this can actually put your safety at risk during a future accident. Consider why this is and why you should always have your car repaired and fully restored after any accident.

1. Windshields need to be in good repair at all times

A windshield does more than keep bugs out of your teeth when you drive; it actually works to support the roof of a car during a rollover accident and keeps occupants from flying out of the car during a collision. If your windshield gets cracked during a collision and you ignore this and continue to drive, this can compromise your safety during a future collision. A cracked windshield may simply collapse under the weight of the roof during a rollover accident, and this puts everyone in the car at greater risk of being crushed in the car.

A cracked windshield is also more likely to shatter and break during an accident, putting you at risk of injury from flying debris. It also will not hold up against the weight of occupants pushed forward during a future accident, and they may go flying out of the vehicle, increasing their risk of injury.

2. Dents and dings can cause the airbags to fail

The airbags in your car activate when they sense certain vibrations that travel along your car's frame. If those vibrations are compromised, the airbags may fail to activate during a crash. If your car has dents and dings in the body or bumpers, they may not send those vibrations to the airbags as they should. In a future collision, your airbags may not activate, and this can put your safety at risk.

3. The car's frame supports all other safety features

If your car's frame is misaligned, all other safety features can be compromised. The doors may not latch and lock properly, the windshield may not fit properly and your seatbelts may not stay locked during a collision. After a collision, your car may still run with a bent frame, but this can put your safety at risk even during a minor accident. It's vital that your car's frame be fixed after any type of collision.

Remember these three reasons why you need to have your car repaired and restored after an accident. This can protect you during future collisions and ensure your safety.

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Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

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