Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Wheel Alignment: Tell-Tale Signs It's Time To Bring Your Car In

by Jessie Ruiz

There were approximately 13,297,260 passenger cars registered in Australia in 2014. Needless to say, driving is one of the primary modes of transportation. The average Australian drives an average of 14,000 kilometres per year for each vehicle that they own. In short, most cars will quickly accumulate quite a lot of mileage. To make sure that the car is well-maintained and able to last for the upcoming years, it is crucial that you bring your vehicle in for regular servicing. Wheel alignment during the servicing is crucial in keeping your vehicle running smoothly. While most servicing packages include wheel alignment, here are several tell-tale signs that the wheel alignment is off. 

Benefits Of Proper Wheel Alignment

First things first, it is important to determine how proper wheel alignment can benefit your vehicle. 

  • Ensures that the car tires last longer since the weight and pressure of the vehicle is distributed evenly among all four tires when the car is being driven
  • Keeps all wheels pointing in the right direction so that drivers have better control over their vehicle
  • Reduces overall fuel expenses since the vehicles will have better mileage due to the reduced strain on all of the car parts

Signs That A Wheel Alignment Is Needed

Unlike the engine, a light does not simply pop up on the dashboard when a wheel alignment is necessary. As a result, it is the driver's responsibility to schedule periodic wheel alignments every other oil change. Drivers should also look for the following tell-tale signs that something is off with the wheel alignment:

  • Vehicle is favouring and pulling to one side when being driven
  • The presence of uneven or abnormally rapid tire wear indicating that more pressure and strain is being placed on several tires instead of being distributed throughout all four tires
  • A crooked steering wheel, even when driving straight
  • The sound of squealing tires

A wheel alignment can be completed fairly quickly and will generally not be that expensive. Remember, it is better to invest money in preventive measures like wheel alignment checks that will keep the vehicle in good condition than to wait for problems, which can be rather costly, to emerge.


Having regular wheel alignment checks can help to ensure that the cars are running at optimal efficiency and performance at all times. Wheel alignment can be thrown off by several factors, like pot holes and hitting the curb; however, if detected early, it can be easily fixed and will not throw the structure of the car out of balance.

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Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

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