Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Types Of Aluminum Trailer Ramps

by Jessie Ruiz

Loading a motorcycle, car, snow blower and other motorised equipment onto a trailer can be a tricky exercise if you do not have the correct ramp for the job, because each load requires a ramp that is ideal for it. That is why a ramp that may load a wheelchair-bound patient into a car may be inadequate to load a snowmobile onto a pickup truck. This article discusses some of the different aluminum trailer ramps available on the market.

Motorcycle Loading Trailer Ramps

These come in different sizes and styles to suit the different loading conditions. For instance, if you are going to load a motorcycle onto a pickup truck with a high ground clearance, you will need a very long aluminum trailer ramp so that the ascent is gradual rather than very steep. Motorcycle loading ramps can be stored on the vehicle in different ways. For instance, some can be folded and placed underneath the motorcycle once it has been loaded. Others stack together and fit in a small space beside the motorcycle.

ATV Aluminum Trailer Ramps

Loading an all-terrain vehicle requires a special ramp because of its heavy weight. There are different ramp designs that can be used, such as the dual runners that are separate and can be set according to the width of the ATV being loaded. Other kinds include bi-fold or tri-fold ramps that fold twice or thrice prior to being stowed underneath the ATV. Note that the length of the ramp you need will vary according to the ground clearance of your vehicle. If the ground clearance is minimal, then you will need a short ramp.

Heavy Duty Aluminum Trailer Ramps

These are specially designed to load heavy items, like vehicles, onto flatbeds. They are reinforced in order to withstand the massive weight of the equipment that is loaded onto them. They vary in length according to the ground clearance of the trailer or vehicle onto which the load is to be directed, as well as on the ground clearance of the load. If the vehicle being loaded has a low ground clearance, a longer ramp is needed to minimise chances of damaging its low-lying parts like the bumper.

Lawn Equipment Trailer Ramps

Aluminum trailer ramps for loading lawn equipment are special because they need to have minimal spacing in their rungs so that the small wheels of the equipment can move on the ramp. These also come in bi-fold, tri-fold and dual runner versions as earlier described.

Once you decide on the kind of equipment you will be loading, contact the supplier of aluminum trailer ramps to give you installation specifications for your particular vehicle. This will save you from getting the wrong ramp for your particular purpose.

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