Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

What To Consider When Choosing Road Side Assistance Plan

by Jessie Ruiz

Road side assistance plans are the type of insurance you require when you encounter a number of risk events such as fire, road mishap, car immobilisation along the highway, or any other circumstance that befalls millions of Australian drivers. The services offered are many and include towing and jumpstarting your car's battery just to name a few. It is in such dire situations that you realise the significance of roadside assistance also known as breakdown coverage. Different types of companies are offering these plans nowadays. This begs the question: how do you choose the best road side assistance coverage?

When selecting a road assistance plan, you need to take into account the following important considerations.

Avoid purchasing coverage that you already possess.

The majority of car manufacturers now incorporate road side assistance when you purchase a new or registered used vehicle. For some car models, the road side assistance coverage lasts for the full life of the vehicle while for others, it lasts as long as the service contract. Many of these car manufacturer plans offer somewhat comprehensive coverage, including lockout service, towing, tire changing, jump-starting and fuel delivery. Only purchase an add-on breakdown coverage that offers services that are not included in your existing auto coverage plan.

Investigate these features

When checking out the add-on road side assistance plans on offer, consider the following aspects:

Towing-distance allowance

What is the towing distance allowance stated in the coverage plan? Some plans may cover no more than 16 kilometres. In such cases, the car owner is expected to foot the bill of towing the vehicle for the extra miles out of their pocket. Others have a service range. This means that their assistance coverage only applies when breakdown occurs in certain areas. You don't want your car breaking down in an area that is not included in your breakdown coverage range. Does the plan provide overseas coverage? Some roadside assistance plans are still applicable even when you travel abroad.

Number of road-side assistance calls permitted per year

Breakdown coverage plans usually specify the number of assistance calls allowed annually. Most plans typically allow for 3 or 4 roadside assistance calls.

Who's covered?

Some roadside assistance plans cover the whole household with just a basic membership, whilst others cover only one car or motorist.

Response time

Lastly, inquire about the plan's average response time to assistance calls. You will need a service that has a reputation for its quick assistance.

Do note that all cars on Australian roads ought to have valid registration or else the owners may be ineligible for roadside assistance coverage by an insurance policy. Drivers can conduct a rego check online to ascertain the registration status of their cars before purchasing an add-on road side assistance plan.

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