Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Essential Tyre Maintenance Guidelines

by Jessie Ruiz

The tyres are crucial vehicle features because they provide the sole contact between the car and the road. Proper maintenance is essential for continued quality performance when accelerating, braking as well as steering. Driving a vehicle with tyres that are not deemed roadworthy is illegal and it compromises your safety and that of other road users. There are different aspects involved in ensuring that the tyres remain in good conditions so here are some guidelines on ideal care practices.

Tyre Pressure

The right tyre pressure is vital for efficient vehicle handling and it minimizes the rate of tyre wear and total fuel consumption. It is important to know that under-inflation does not necessarily mean that the tyre will be flat so you should be proactive in pressure checks. The recommended pressure is usually indicated in the car owner's manual and it is advisable to carry out tests every fortnight. Remember that higher temperatures increase pressure so make certain that the tyres are cool prior to the check-up. Additionally, you should consider purchasing your own pressure gauge if possible.

Tyre Treads

Treads are designed to advance the grip of the tyres on the road and to facilitate the flow of water below the vehicle. Basically, they minimise the risk of loss of control and subsequent skidding. When you drive with insufficient tread depth, you contribute to road safety hazard. Moreover, it is illegal to be on the road with a tread depth which is lower than 1.5mm, according to the national government's regulations (Australian Vehicle Standards Rules-Regulation 54). You should be vigilant with regard to this maintenance aspect so as to avoid serious legal and financial liabilities. There are bars on the tread which serve as indicators for the wear so you can start preparing for purchase of replacements when the wear is close to the minimal tread blocks.

Alignment and Balancing

Wheel alignment is aimed at restoring the placement of the wheels and axles according to the original specifications. This practice improves road handling and minimizes tyre wear. Identifying the poor alignment is challenging so consult a mechanic after contact with potholes and kerbs or if there is uneven tyre wear. Unbalanced wheels are identifiable by strange vibrations which are perceptible when the automobile is moving at high speeds. You should engage balancing services when you notice the vibration issues and after tyre replacement. Balancing will protect the suspension and steering systems and also reduce untimely tyre wear.

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Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

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