Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Replacing A Faulty License Plate Bulb

by Jessie Ruiz

On many vehicles, the license plate bulb is dim, and this can create a hard to read license plate. The low power of the light can blend in with the light from other parts of the vehicle, as well as any other light source coming from the surroundings. Replacing the bulb with an LED light is a good idea. This article can also be used to replace a faulty or damaged license plate bulb.

Get The Right Bulbs

If you are replacing a faulty bulb, make sure that you get the exact same bulb from the garage or store. The handbook that came with the vehicle will give you a code for the bulbs, take this code to the store and purchase the replacement. If you are intending to replace the bulb with an LED bulb, make sure that it is powerful enough to light the plate, without causing too much glare; the glare can prevent others from seeing all of the digits and numbers on the plate. Once you have the right bulb, you can exchange it on the vehicle.

Test The New Bulbs

Many people forget to test their new bulbs, and get halfway through the replacing job only to realize that the bulbs are defective. Bulb testers are simple and inexpensive pieces of equipment to purchase; in any case, you may find many future uses for the bulb tester, so adding one to your tool kit is always recommended.

The Light Bulb Holders

In many cases, it is difficult to access the bulb holder from the outside of the vehicle; a good idea is to access it from the inside of the trunk. Start by removing a section of panel from inside the trunk; you will be able to expose the holder easily.

Replace The Bulb

The bulb is held in place – and contacted by – a spring or clip at either end of the bulb. Carefully pop the bulb out of the holder; use a flat headed screwdriver to remove it if it is difficult to do by hand. Next, get the replacement bulb, and carefully slip it into the holder, making sure that it contacts the clips. In some vehicles, the clips are prone to snapping completely, so take care as you do this part. If the bulb is inserted into a holder where you place the bulb inside – as oppose to clipping it at either end – make sure it is fitted correctly. If it doesn't light up when tested, remove the bulb, turn it through one hundred and eighty degrees, and fit it back in place.

You can then replace the holder and the trunk panel on your vehicle. For more information, check out companies such as Peel Auto Electrical & Air Conditioning.


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Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

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