Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

How to Protect Your New 4x4 Suspension

by Jessie Ruiz

When you take your four-wheel-drive or 4x4 vehicle off-roading, a new suspension can be a must-have for the vehicle. This will lift it off the ground and protect it from brush, small trees, and the like. It also makes the ride more comfortable for you. After installing a new 4x4 suspension, the work doesn't stop there. It might be good to think of a few accessories that can better protect your suspension and your vehicle when off the road. Note a few suggestions.

1. Fender flares

These flares extend out from the body of the vehicle and are placed around the wheel well. They may be riveted for a rough look or installed with a clean, smooth appearance. Fender flares work to keep brush and other debris from making their way under the wheel well and in turn, interfering with your tires, shocks, and springs. They direct debris and brush away from your car so the body of the vehicle is protected as well. For off-roading where you may encounter tall brush, fender flares are a great choice.

2. Skid plates

These plates are installed underneath your vehicles and also work to protect the suspension system, as well as everything under the body of the car or truck, from being scratched or even knocked loose when off-roading. Skid plates are designed to fit each make and model of car and truck specifically, so you can still have easy access to major parts when repairs are needed. However, the plates cover the most vulnerable areas of the vehicle for maximum protection. These plates too can keep brush and debris from making its way into the coils and springs of the suspension, protecting you when off-roading.

3. Rear bars

Bull bars protect the front of the car when you're off-roading, and they help to push down brush and debris. Rear bars can protect the back of the vehicle as they fit over the back end of a jeep or SUV, also helping to tamp down brush and other debris when driving in reverse.

The rear bars can offer protection to the back shocks by pushing through brush so that the vehicle is less likely to bounce, meaning less wear and tear on the shocks and suspension. The rear bar also offers protection to the brake lights and may offer mounting capabilities, for vehicles with no rear mount for a spare tire. For protection of your 4x4 all around, consider adding an additional rear bar.

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Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

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