Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Why It's Recommended That You Buy Brand Name Auto Parts for Your Car

by Jessie Ruiz

When buying auto parts for a car repair, you can choose between brand name parts and generic parts. Very often generic parts are more affordable, but it's usually recommended that you buy brand name parts simply because they may fit better than generic car parts. This is because name brand parts are made to exacting specifications that may not be provided by generic parts manufacturers. Remember that you may not be able to tell this difference yourself as parts may look exactly the same to you, but even a microscopic defect can make a tremendous difference under your car's hood. Note why brand name parts are so important for your car and even for your own safety.

1. Vibration and friction

When car parts are too small to fit properly, the gaps between them may allow for vibration to form. This is because those pieces are meant to fit snugly and keep each other in proper place. Vibration under the hood of your car can mean wear and tear on parts. Connections can even shake loose and fail before their expected lifespan.

If a part is too large, this may cause friction against other parts and again, excessive wear and tear. Friction also causes heat, and heat can cause wear on the motor and other parts under the hood. This is why parts need to fit each other perfectly.

2. Computer communication 

Cars today usually have computers inside that communicate with most of the parts. For instance, the computer may help the brakes to adjust properly so that you don't apply too much pressure and cause excess wear. Vibrations around the windshield or the force of an impact along one outside panel will alert the computer to deploy the airbags.

The proper fit of a car part is part of this communication. If the computer doesn't sense vibrations from the windshield because it doesn't fit the car frame properly, it may not deploy the airbags. If the car's computer senses too much heat from the brake pads because they are creating fiction due to a poor fit, the computer may not allow the brakes to squeeze as tightly as they should and in turn, you may not have full control over the brakes. Since this proper fit of car parts can affect its computer communication in so many ways, and in turn affect your own safety, it's often good to invest in properly made brand name parts. Therefore, if you own a Ford car, you will likely want to buy Ford parts.


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Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

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