Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

How to Make the Most out of Selling Your Old Car to Toyota Wreckers

by Jessie Ruiz

If you have a Toyota that's been stalled in your backyard for years, you may be sitting on a few hundred dollars you know nothing about. Everyone needs a little extra cash these days, and selling your car to Toyota wreckers is one way get something out of your car, even if you can't drive it anymore.

Auto-salvage lots, popularly known as car wreckers, buy junk cars, dismantle them and resell parts as well as recycling the metal of the body to make other products for sale. The following are a few tips to ensure you get the best price for your junk Toyota:

1. Proving Ownership

If you don't have the ownership documentation for the car, you need to get it. It's not uncommon for carjackers to steal vehicles and attempt to sell them for parts, which is why salvage lots prefer buying vehicles whose ownership history can be proven. Get your ownership titles in order before beginning anything else.

2. Valuation

You're the best person to evaluate your Toyota, which is the next step. Talk to your regular auto-repair technician and get as much information as possible about the history and current condition of the car. The car wreckers will be interested to know about any damage it's undergone, whether it still runs, why it doesn't run, how long it's been used and other details.

If possible, try to repair a few damaged parts so that the vehicle is in roadworthy condition – Toyota wreckers will pay more for vehicles that can be driven compared with those that have to be towed.

3. Getting quotations

Start by looking online to get a list of wreckers near you. You will be better suited with wreckers suited for your brand, since they better understand the value of your car and its different working parts. Therefore, as a Toyota owner, start with Toyota wreckers.

You should have all the important selling points on your car down, so that when you start calling in you don't look unprepared. Don't just look in your locality, call cities near you, as you may find that they offer better prices. Wrecking lots will pay different prices depending on the specific condition of your Toyota.

4. Delivery

Once you have settled on the best price, tow or drive the car in yourself. Many wreckers will pay more if they don't have to come pick up the vehicle. Ensure you carry your Toyota's logbook/title as proof of ownership, and be prepared to come back home a little richer than you left.

For more information, contact local Toyota wreckers or general car wreckers. 


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Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

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