Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

3 Features to Look for When Buying a Used Car

by Jessie Ruiz

Buying a used car doesn't always mean something very old, as cars come on the market after just a few months or even a year of ownership or leasing. This allows you to get a relatively new car with all the great features you're looking for but without paying the same price as a new car. Note a few features you want to consider when buying a used car that hasn't been on the market for very long so you know you won't miss out on comfort and convenience as well as safety.

1. Side curtain airbags and rollover sensor

This can be especially important if you're buying a car that you'll be taking off-roading or in any type of rugged environment. Even a slight hill or narrow turn can put your car off balance so that you're at risk for a rollover accident, and side curtain airbags can keep you protected. Rollover sensors can ensure that you are safe, not just during a side collision, but when the car is actually rolling as well. Don't assume that front airbags are enough for your vehicle but invest in side airbags for added safety.

2. Eyesight assist

Eyesight assist might include a warning or auto correction when it appears that you're veering off into another lane, or it may automatically adjust your headlights according to the outside light. This can mean less reliance on your own eyesight to note lane markers in the dark and also having your headlights adjusted for you, before you realize they're too bright or too dim and continue to travel forward before switching them. Eyesight assist is a very good choice for those who are getting older and know their eyesight is changing and also for those who often drive at night.

3. Step style doorsills

Doorsills are like small ledges that come out from the sides of cars, under the doors. If you choose a car with a roof rack that you intend to use often, step style doorsills can make it much easier to load and unload your gear. They give you a bit more height so you can mount a bike or wrap your luggage onto the roof rack without straining and stretching to reach the middle of the car or to completely wrap your tie-downs around larger objects. Doorsills can also help take some pressure off the upper body when you reach overhead to unload heavy gear, keeping you safer overall.

If you're looking for these features, check out care sales locations that offer models like the 2015 Subaru Outback or other new models. 


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Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

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