Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Travelling With Cats: Three Discreet Places to Stow a Litter Box in a Caravan

by Jessie Ruiz

Travelling with a cat in your caravan can be extremely fun and rewarding, but it isn't nice to have a litter box in the middle of your caravan. Luckily, there are discreet places you can stow your litter box in your caravan. Look at these three ideas:

In the Old Battery Box

If you have replaced your recreational battery, you may be able to store your litter box in the old battery box. For this to work, you must have replaced your battery with a new one that doesn't go in the same spot as the original -- for example, some people switch to solar batteries and install them near the front of the caravan.

So that your cat can access the battery box, cut a small hole in the wall next to it. Depending on the location of your battery box, this typically means cutting your entryway into a kitchen cabinet. Then, pop your cat's litter box into the old battery box, and cover the entry with a cat flap to make it even more discreet.

Tunnel to the Storage Area

Many caravans have storage compartments underneath the main living area and accessible from the outside of the caravan. If you are willing to forgo a bit of storage space, you can use part of this area to house your cat's litter box.

Find the interior wall adjacent to your caravan's under storage space and cut a cat door in it. If you like, line the floor of your caravan's storage area with peel and stick tiles -- they will make it easier to clean this area.

Your cat will enter their personal toilet space from the inside of the caravan, but when you clean it, you will access it from the outside door to the compartment. If there are any wires in that compartment, make sure to secure them together and out of the way so that your cat is not tempted to play with them.

Under the Bed

In many cases, caravans feature under-the-bed storage, and if the clearance isn't too low for your cat, you can turn this area into a kitty toilet.

To place the litter box under the bed, you will need to lift the bed, and the downside of this placement is that you will have to lift the bed every time you want to clean the litterbox. However, it is discreet, and your cat can access it through an entryway cut into the frame of the bed. To make the entryway easily, purchase a cat door installation kit from any pet store.



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