Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

Aluminium Auto Fabrication: Choosing the Most Suitable Surface Finish

by Jessie Ruiz

Aluminium is an ideal material for fabricating custom automobile body components for a car restoration project. This metal is lightweight, so the manufactured vehicle parts will be easy to handle during installation. Aluminium is also resistant to damage in adverse climatic conditions such as humid and saline environments. Moreover, the material is highly malleable, and this reduces the amount of energy and finances required for your custom metal fabrication project. If you decide to order aluminium auto components, you must think about the surface finishing. This will determine the aesthetics of your restored car and its susceptibility to damage. Here are the most advantageous aluminium finishes to consider for your project.

Powder Coating

If you are looking for an attractive and long-lasting aluminium finish, you should consider selecting powder coat finishes. The powder coating process involves applying a free-flowing powder material to the surface of the manufactured metal product. This powder is usually made from plastics such as epoxy resins, polyurethane and even acrylic. When the powder is evenly spread on metal, heat is applied to melt the plastic. This cures to form a resilient coating which is resistant to blistering, cracking and damage by most chemical materials. Unfortunately, this is not an ideal choice for auto body panels. You should elect this finishing for custom rims and wheels as well as functional parts like brake callipers and engine mounts.

Anodised Finish

Aluminium metal is attractive and resistant to corrosion, even when exposed to water and saline conditions. This is because the aluminium reacts with oxygen in the air to create a protective oxide layer. Anodised finishes are manufactured by reinforcing this natural layer using specialised equipment. In simple terms, the aluminium oxide layer will be made thicker to protect the surface and improve aesthetics by dye incorporation. Aluminium anodising is ideal because the coating is relatively cheap, unaffected by UV radiation and usually attractive. You should consider choosing this finishing for your vehicle trim parts, rear finish panels and aluminium grills.


Spray paint is the default finishing choice for aluminium body panels. You can choose your preferred aesthetics from a wide selection of colours in the market. Moreover, you can save money by requesting for unfinished aluminium elements from your manufacturer and then painting the surfaces yourself. If you choose the latter DIY option, you should ensure that proper pre-treatment practices of aluminium are observed to promote paint adhesion. Also, choose high-quality paint which has been recommended for aluminium. These precautions will prevent premature peeling and blistering of the paintwork. 


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Tips For Buying A Quality Used Car

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